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SQ5 SQ5 4 wheel geometry

Boombastik May 14, 2015

  1. Boombastik

    Boombastik Registered User

    Has anyone had or needed to have the 4 wheel geometry done on the sq5

    I bought one 2 weeks ago for the missus and it was wandering to the left its only a year old with 12k miles

    Any way the skilled mechanic at aberdeen Auid test drove the car and tried to convince me it was the camber of the road that causing the issue. I insisted to speak to the service manager and he agreed to put the car on the geometry machine

    Any way it's back it drives perfect now and I've got a print out of before and after adjustment and was wondering if any one has settings so I can compare.
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  3. g3gsb

    g3gsb Registered User

    I have a Q7 which is a bit older than yours. I recently have had 4 wheel laser alignment carried out. Mine was also pulling to the left, it still does even after the alignment. Lots of adjustments where made during the process. The chap said he has an overwhelming amount of Audi 4x4 that pull to to left.

    I live with my mine pulling but would like to get it sorted if I can. Hope someone can shed a bit more light on this known issue.

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