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Sprint Blue Pre-facelift S3 Project

baderlfc May 28, 2019

  1. baderlfc

    baderlfc Active Member

    So as i've already stated in other threads i've bought a 2007 Sprint Blue S3 3 door hatch...

    It was all very spur of the moment as I had an offer on my car (BMW 135i Coupe) that I couldn't refuse so went for it..

    After a bit of research and googling I was set on an S3, a car i'd almost most a few years ago but went another direction.. now available at significantly lower cost I thought it's a no brainer.

    The outgoing car left me with a very reasonable war chest to make the S3 a nice little project car without throwing money at it...

    The car itself:

    Sprint blue 3 door, 65k miles and Full dealer/specialist service history with the same owner for the last 7 years.

    Good spec consisting of factory privacy glass, sat nav, Bose sound system, heated leather seats, parking sensors, xenons etc etc

    A nice bonus I didn't realise until I'd bought the car was it's fitted with an upgraded Mk2 RNS-E out of the facelift S3's, this has already been updated for the bargain price of £10 to the latest firmware/maps.

    The good bits:

    Good spec, pretty much standard as it came from the factory, bodywork for age/mileage is excellent with no need for any paint just a decent multi stage machine polish (on the to do list).

    The not so good bits:

    Cambelt due (being resolved this week)
    Drivers heated seat doesn't work very well
    Broken speaker cover (resolved with part from breakers)
    Front and rear seats don't match (front's I believe were wingbacks and have been changed to the dotted leather seats) - this is going to be resolved with a pair of A5 front seats at some point hopefully soon
    Heaters dont work, no hot air at all
    Temp needle doesn't reach 90° (hopefully cured with thermostat)
    Steering wheel worn (royal steering wheels alcantara to be fitted in coming months)
    Drivers side arm rest (in door card) has split
    Knackered wheel bearing on drivers front (being resolved this week)

    All in all though drives well and doesn't need for a massive amount.. leaving more cash for "fun" mods rather than necessary maintenance, although as is always the way I like to get my cars in tip top mechanical shape before looking at modding options.. so the following work is being carried out at a local trusted Audi specialist this week using all genuine Audi parts:

    Oil/filter + oil pickup pipe
    Brake fluid flush
    Cambelt/water pump/thermostat + coolant
    Haldex oil/filter + diff oil + gearbox oil
    Rev G DV
    New cam follower
    Pre-cat delete
    NGK BKR7EIX plugs
    fuel/pollen/air filter
    v-belt, tensioner + alternator freewheel clutch
    Drivers front wheel bearing
    Full inspection

    Here's one picture to get started, giving away 2 of my first mods... OEM facelift rear lights and Genuine Audi 18" Rotors powder coated in shadow chrome.


    P.S Centre caps are on the way, and all 4 wheels are now fitted, that photo was taken before a brief case of rain stopping play yesterday!

    Got plenty of plans and any comments/suggestions are welcome..
    Last edited: May 28, 2019
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