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A couple of questions about suspension

I have an a3 Quattro 2.0 tdi s line and as far as in aware the suspension is the same as an s3 (ie the after market parts are the same )

Are s3 springs lower than sline?

And is there an aftermarket kit that is just as comfortable a ride as s line?

not the expert but as far as im aware

A3 Sport 15mm lowered (stock)
A3 S line 25mm lowered (stock)

And the S3 is lower then the s line by i think another 10mm making it 35mm from stock.


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The S-Line ride is quite stiff so as long as you stick with a good quality brand you shouldnt have any problems.

Did you have a drop and budget in mind?

Damian @ DPM Performance

Something around 40 mm but if the s3 ones where low enough they would be cheaper to get (second hand) than any others.

Iv seen a h and r cup kit I quite like the look of but a little expensive.

What would you recommend for around 300 quid ?


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I also would like to see if anyone have Eibach Pro-kit 30mm springs installed with normal ambition coils on?


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Yerh sorry on the s3 8p . so more or less the same ride quality but a little lower cheers damian