Springs Or Coilovers?



Hi guys,

I may purchase some lowering springs (eibach or Apex) to start with then at a later date (original dampers ok, ie no leaks) sports shocks or are coilover kit better ?? For road use.



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Spring & shock combo is a better bet for the road.

Just because your shocks aren't leaking doesn't mean they are in good condition. Fitting firmer springs with worn shocks ends in an under damped bouncy setup.

Koni STR.T shocks are good value, or Bilstein is top stuff, but a bit more pricey.

Not tried apex springs, but the Eibach pro springs are almost as comfortable as stock, car sits perfectly level and handles great.


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In short; springs and shocks for ultimate ride quality and if you don't mind a fixed ride height..

Coilovers for ultimate driveability if you don't mind a bit of a harsher ride... Saying that a lot of the more expensive coilovers still offer a fantastic ride