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Spray on sealants - What have you used

Taxboy Aug 6, 2017

  1. Taxboy

    Taxboy Registered User

    Just hoping for people to share their views on the various spray on sealants they are using or have used.

    I'll kick off. Currently using Sonax BSD

    Pros - Cheap, gives quite a good gloss, very good water shedding, easy to use

    Cons - Not that long lasting (I've found about 6/8 weeks), doesn't leave your paint feeling slick

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  3. scotty76

    scotty76 Registered User

    Dodo Juice Supernatural Acrylic Spritz. Easy to smear. Didn't last well. 5/10

    Gtechniq C2V3. Doddle to use. Lasted OK. 7/10.

    Carpro Reload. Easy to smear if undiluted on black paint. Lasts well. Good shine. 8/10.

    Gyeon Cure. Almost identical to Reload but crucially didn't smear. My current favourite. 9/10.
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