Spotters thread for A3/S3 8L chassis


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anyone on here know of a fully blacked out S3 with yellow fogs, went past me on the M6 today, got the big thumbs up and let a flame out!


Love my S3!
Spotted Pure Gym Barrow Road earlier this evening, anybody on here? Nice to see 2D127AA0-EB3D-4172-85C8-0A495BD733B0.jpeg

Tj 0785

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Black a3 on a 03 plate (I think) passing McVitie’s Stockport with s3 badges , made me laugh, 1st 5 door s3 8l I’ve seen
Please tell me it’s no one on here


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Seen a goodwood green s3 with stickers on lower door and rear quarter a few times recently, around the Hebden Bridge area. Anyone on here? Rarely see them around me.


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Two at Awesome this in the workshop looking stock, one parked up outside not so much!


A black S3 on the a30 heading SW from Bodmin today, we had a bit of a play! Good fun.


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A super clean and polished S3 A64 into Leeds earlier today, **64JAK
A car in front slowed to turn off and the S3 got a bit of acceleration and sounded very nice .


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Keep seeing the same s3 in grey on ansty road in coventry on my way to work.. if the owner is on here it looks nice
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Silver W reg S3 on Didsbury Road down off Heaton Moor this afternoon, I was the pushbike who kept getting in the way :whistle2: thought maybe @Tj 0785 had got his going but seems who else is local?