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Sports Exhaust

TallPaul_UK Mar 15, 2020

  1. TallPaul_UK

    TallPaul_UK New Member

    So picked up the new 2020 RS4 on the 1st March 2020, and am absolutely loving it. One of the optional extras i added was sports exhaust.

    As a newbie to valved exhausts this might be a stupid question so please correct me if im wrong, but when you start the car in comfort mode, ie valves normally closed, they are open to start with then close after a few seconds. Im guessing the actuator is controlled by vacuum? Most of the time im loving the noise, but the odd early morning start, (at 04:30) i’d prefer to start with the valves closed, (and so would my neighbours).

    Ideally if i start the car in RS1 or RS2 mode, where i have the exhaust set to “pronounced”, it would start with the valves open, but in comfort mode, it should start with the valves closed. Any way to achieve this?


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  3. vigor

    vigor Member

    Hi. When the engine is switched off your exhaust valves will be open. Therefore when you start the car, it starts with the open valves and as you have noticed they quickly close.

    The only way I know to control your valves without too much hassle is to fit an active exhaust valve controller made by Cete. You set this using the stop-start button. Check out the YouTube videos.

    It’s funny that you mention your neighbours because someone on the RS4 owners club who has a B7 had a note left on his car from a neighbour telling him to get his exhaust fixed !!

    Good luck & enjoy the car (including the noise)


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