Sportback roof strips



I am hoping some of you can give me some advise with regards to my other half’s car.
She has a sportback with the open sky sunroof and we have some problems with the strips that run down the side of the sunroof. They move up and get caught by the boot, and pushed forward over the windscreen. Today this happened and the resultant strip on the drivers side has scratched the boot lid. Doh!
We have been to Audi and they had a look at them, they said that the clips were broken but could not replace them under warranty because someone had used double sided tape to stick them down. Neither myself nor my other half have used any double sided tape on these and she has owned the car from new it has only been to the garage once and that was for a routine service. They informed us that the clips could not be brought separately and the whole strip including clips needed to be purchased at £250+ for the pair.
A few things I'm asking really-
1. Are these stuck down with double sided tape from the factory? If so we shall be going back to the garage to do some more discussions.
2. Can you get the clips separately at all from any where as there is nothing wrong with the strips themselves

What are peoples thoughts on this, it would be much appreciated.
I think Audi should replace them but like they say if the double sided tape should not be there and we cannot prove that we have not put it on then they are not going to replace them.

Thanks in advance



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This sounds like a horrible minefield. I can't help with your questions, but hope they do not mess you about.


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If you (or your other half) haven't touched the strips then get straight back down to your Audi dealer.

Be polite and tell them that you haven't touched the car and have had it from new. State that you have not used double sided tape and this has either been put on at the factory or by someone else who has had contact with car such as when it was PDI'd or serviced.

If you get no joy from your dealer go straight to Audi customer service to complain (let your dealer know out of courtesy that you plan to do this if they do not resolve).

As a soon to be first time Audi owner I am hoping my dealer doesnt give me the run around if anything like this goes wrong with my new S3.

Shocking customer service.