Sportback rear lights


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Mine's a 55reg Sportback....8P2 I think. Are the later 8P3 2009 OEM rear light clusters a direct swap. Or would I need to make changes to the fixings, clips, wiring, VCDS coding and other stuff. I've damaged one of my clusters and am weighing up either just getting another, or upgrading the look to the later version. And if upgrading, whether to get a set of factory OEM ones, or aftermarket ones.


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You need adapters for the new lights or if you can wire/solder there is a guide on you tube. Yes you'll need vcds to alter the coding.
Was the first mod i done, a great improvement over standards.



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Fitting the later LED rear lights to an earlier Sportback is one of the best mods you can do IMHO, it takes years off the car and just looks so much better.
I’d always advocate fitting OEM-quality lights , in my experience aftermarket = rubbish.
The Original Audi light units are Magneti Marelli brand, Euro Car Parts sell them and with a discount code the conversion needn’t be that expensive.


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It's something you can easily do yourself, give a shout if you want help!