Sportback Free Sat Nav Offer Ends - Technology Pack Price Rises


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As indicated by Audi free sd based sat nav for pre order sportbacks ends Feb 28th
it is now a £495 optional extra, which also means that the Technology Pack rises to £1495

Chester Draws

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I wonder if this will be a short term situation and maybe revert back for the 2014 MY , depends what the opposition do I suppose



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I doubt they're reintroduce this any time soon. Seems like an attempt to get early sales of the Sportback going and nothing more.

In years to come they may well start including more things as standard which were previously options, especially on the higher trim levels or special editions (like they did with the Black Edition 8P) but that won't be for quite a while yet.


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I agree, it was also perhaps to releave some of the pain of the 5 month wait for the early pre-orders. Also I don't believe the MY14 will be vastly different - we'll probably just see a few more optional extras and some slight price changes.