Sport to Black Edition Grill upgrade ?


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Hi everyone,

Apologies if this has been answered before, still new to the forum after recently upgrading from an A3 S line to an A5 sport (2010 coupe)

Is it possible to upgrade the grill to the black edition one ? Or is it a bumper swap also ?


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Hi mate good choice! Honest answer is im not sure but my guess would be its fine. Not sure where you're from but the black styling pack isnt out in the UK for quite a few months yet and it may be even longer before the black edition is released. I've got an S Line and i'm getting my grille wrapped in the next couple of weeks.


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you may get better answers in the B8 A5 forum if yours is a 2010, this is for the B9 - we haven't got the black edition yet in B9 :)


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Any Audi experts here with any guestimates about when the Black Edition S5 might be appearing as an option in the UK. It's been out in Europe (I think) from launch, with Wize1972 having an excellent video of a grey one. I think I would prefer it to the chrome.