Sponge or wash mitt.....


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I've never in 20 years used wash mitts before, always good old-fashioned sponges.

What are the benefits of upgrading to a wash mitt?


A sponge will trap the dirt and grit, and wipe it across your paintwork, causing swirls and minor scratches. A mitt will help lift these particles away from the paint, minimizing the chances of this. Coupled with some decent products and a good 2 bucket method it'll keep your paint in tip top condition for much longer. Also drying your car properly is very important, no chamois, and no blades. Have a read through some of the guides on here, you'll be a certified detailing nut in no time.


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A decent sheeps wool mitt can be had very reasonably, they are way better than sponges.

Sounds like your on a slippery slope. Soon you will be using a Wookies Fist, 2BM with grit guards and the rest will be history!