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Looks pretty stupid in my opinion, however I'm probably not the best person to ask since non-OEM body mods aren't my thing.


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Not for me, but on a Porsche Viper Green it might work!


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Sorry bud but that's not a good look, OEM spoiler in carbon, bored that would look good

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Not to my taste, but then I’m about q car subtlety.

Also, as an aside, genuinely thought by the title of the thread it was going to tell me either a) how game of thrones ends, or b) why Banner couldn’t change into the hulk in Infinity wars......



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Saw it at a car at ATIP this year and its a stuck on job and nothing attractive.


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Aye the members on here just don't hold back..... Straight from the hip as they say .. . Lol


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I dislike them because of the dip in the middle, it looks stuck on like it exactly is. If they made something a bit more OEM looking I'd be up for it.


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Hey if you like it pal lash it on and see what it looks like. Can you not order it and place it on to see what it’s like ? If you don’t like it send it back.

There’s plenty of different tastes out there.