Spigot ring question.

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Hey troops.

Just a quick one(sort off).
I'm trying to convert my rims from my A4 to my S3.
I know the pcd and offset are fine. Going to buy new tyres for them as well, but the problem I have is the spigots.

I've bought genuine aluminium spigots for BBS rims 82mm down to 57.1mm for the S3 hub.
The problem is I removed the plastic spigot on the rims but there appears to be a metal one underneath with a circlip on it.
Does anyone know if I should, or how I should remove it to fit the new ones.
It's a bit of a PITA at the mo.

Any help or advice as always is appreciated.
image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
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Looks like somebody has fitted a BBS spigot ring for a larger size bore and then fitted a plastic spigot ring to make up the difference. The BBS system uses metal C clip O rings that can be fiddly to get out as you can get corrosion between the alloy and steel. I used a small flat blade screwdriver to remove the clips on the BBS wheels I had. The link above shows probably the optimum tool to use.

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Your a legend DS. Thats the problem I'm having.
The new rings I have a one piece aluminium with retaining ring.
It's just getting the ****** old ones out to fit them.
Now all I need to find is a long bendy spiky type thingy. Lol.:salute: