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How many points do you have on your license?

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Bascule said:
Whats hypocritical? I was pulled and had to face the consequences. The fact I didnt end up with a large penalty did have part to do with good policing, but like it or not, I would have had to face the penalty all the way, and would have had NO loophole at all to escape said penalty. By your reasoning, had I been caught by a camera, I could have saved myself the embarrasment of being told off by simply lying about who was driving!

You are clearly aware of the law, and the penalties - If you actually value your job/family/house that highly, you wouldnt risk the penalty in the first place. Instead, clearly, you count on your ability to lie and cheat your way out of it.

So tell me. Some young scrote in his saxo (or S3 for that matter) is regularly speeding near where you live, and counting on this loophole to get him off. Because of this, where is his incentive to obey the law? what will deter him from continual speeding, up until an awful accident occurs? Nothing at all, and his mates or family are equally guilty of knowing criminal fraud by aiding him in this.

So at the point where he still has a licence, (as several mates and family have 'helped out' by taking a few points here and there) and kills someone, instead of being taken off the road by a justified ban before this, what are you going to do? say 'oh well, fair enough, he used a legitimate loophole' or would you have an alternative view?

I am NOT suggesting you are in that category. I am questioning where the deterrent against speeding is? what will stop the occasional fast moment from becoming the norm for you? If you have no fear of the consequences due to your cavalier attitude to the truth then why bother sticking to the limits at all? why bother telling your insurer about your mods? why bother with any of it? I'll tell you why - its about respect for other people - If you respected your family, you wouldnt be asking them to lie for you. If you respected other road users, you would respect the clear rules we are all asked to stick to. Its not about whether we like them or not! Its not about whether we agree with them or think they are 'fair'! Do you get mad when some twat carves you up and drives off with his finger in the air? and If he got pulled for it for you feel there had been justice or would you be thinking 'ooh unlucky mate, you could have got away with that one'. whats the difference ANdyMac?

For reference I DO have a large family to support, and like everyone I struggle to do so. to lose my job would be disatrous financially, in a very very short space of time. Its not about 'being in a position' to be righteous - it IS about not being utterly ashamed of myself. If Ive done wrong (which I have, we all have, no point pretending otherwise) I'm not proud of it, at all. But to lie about it after, like a child trying to avoid a telling off? Whats the point of that? You have to live with who you are.

Would you take points for your kids if they got flashed? would you even consider what life example you are setting them by doing that?

I think this runs pretty close


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If i was reeeeeeeaaaallly bored i'd have a count up. :readit:

Gotta be close though.....:Flush:


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586 vs 622, I win. (or lose actually as I just spent valuable seconds dropping it into word to get the word count.)


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104 in a sixty I got six month ban three hundred fine no points. I was over taking some ***** doing 40.It,s not cleaver i know i am ashamed of what i did this will teach me a lesson for sure.cruise controll needed.


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No points here in 11 years' driving. 26,000 miles last year and at the end of the day I find the best way to avoid getting points is not to speed...


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Wise words, I think we've all learnt a valuable lesson there...
Alternatively I find a laser diffuser and Road Angel work just as well and save 70 hours a year not clogging up the roads for everyone else.


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You need to move to the North East of Scotland boys.
I've zero points and I drive like a flippin demon,both in the car and on the bike.
I should point out,I don't speed at all in urban areas.
I despise people who do,as they are usually the same sort of knobbers that are utterly hopeless over a quiet country road.
It has to be said,but where I live,the worst urban speeders are women,by a mile (sic).

There are only a handful of fixed cameras up here (even then,they're only on major trunk roads),and mobile camera vans are very rare too.
The mobile sites actually tell you where they're going to be on their website too.

I'm afraid the 'don't speed' argument doesn't wash with me.
I defy anyone to sit at 70mph on a motorway,and I defy anyone to stick to 60mph on some of the deserted roads I drive on.
****** mobile chicanes,oblivious to the grief they cause as they sit in their smug little "I'm alright Jack" world.


just realised there now that i am down now to 3 penalty points!!

i did have 6 points on my lisence 2 days ago lol and only remembered that they came off this year!!

the next 3 are off in febuary! :D


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I'm clean as a whistle since April where I had 3 drop off and prior to that another 3 droped off in Jan.

So I'm behaving when Police put there stupid "Caution Police" signs up on the road, I actually stole one from a country road about 2 years ago. Its at my flat not doing much.


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none for me! had a few very close calls thou!
1 racing an unmarked police car - octavia vrs estate, didn't realise it was police until i saw flashing blue lights!! was chuffed i beat him though, could keep up round roundabout and was easily pulling away on the straights, got a letter through the post, either go to court with the video evidence or pay £150 and do a day n half driving course!
im sure you can guess which option i chose!

to be fair ive learnt alot from it, really makes you think about speeding when you do one of these courses and see the consequences of driving like an idiot.

i think these driving courses are a great idea, saved my my licence!


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How many people 'learn' from these courses though ?
I'd venture very few.
I'd suggest most people switch off and treat it like the 'get out of jail card' it is.
Only an idiot doesn't know already the possible consequences of daft driving,so I fail to see what showing some pictures and videos will do.
Most people have probably already seen worse on the internet anyway.
Call me cynical if you like,but I really feel these things are a complete waste of time for the majority of people.
They're merely being told stuff they already know,or ****** should already know.
Anyone who needs to be shown pictures of crashes to shock them into driving appropriately is a moron.


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they dont just show you pictures of crashes, infact they didnt show any at all, its not about shocking someone into driving more carefuly. most of the time you were put in a car with an advanced driving instructor and examined the way you drive, and talk about it, how to improve etc..
im not saying this is the answer to all driving related offences but im just saying it helped me and i found it quite beneficial
its hardly a get out of jail card, if your caught driving like a twat again after attending a course, the consequenses are much worse as its on your police record.


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Fair enough.
I'd rather take the points than suffer some advanced driving gimp though.
I've had occasion to sample their 'skills' before,in cars and bikes.
Most of what they teach is simply common sense,but some of what they teach is just plain stupid.
I'm not saying I'm perfect,not at all.
I'm fully aware of my failings,as any driver should be.
I doubt suffering some bore telling me about them would change me though.

You admit yourself you went into it with a 'hey it's better than court' attitude.
I would suggest most still come out with that attitude.

Which is why points are going to be more effective for most.


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yeah i must admit, it was better than going to court!
being only 19 im sure they would have thrown the book at me if id have gone to court.


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19 !?!?
With an S3 ?!?!?

Jesus,when I was 19 the pile of **** I had couldn't get me done for speeding if I wanted it to !

It was a Datsun Violet 140J.....


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Beast! lol


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Points don't work though, in fact they seem to have the reverse effect.
I've done an advanced driving course when I was 19 with an ex traffic cop and it was brilliant. His philosphy was forget everything you learnt in the driving test. You're gonna drive fast regardless, so lets make it as safe as possible.
My whole issue with points and speeding is it is only one tiny aspect of dangerous driving. 93% of dangerous driving in the UK has nothing to do with speeding. It's down to bad driving (at any speed), it's falling asleep at the wheel (both mentally & physically), it's basic basic stuff and until they start addressing this then the accident stats will continue to rise, even if no one breaks the speed limit. You can do one helluva lot of damage at 70mph on the motorway without breaking any motoring laws.


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90% are for speeding and that is the problem


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Hi folks ;-)

I must explain a thing, i have 9 points left out of 12 on my french driver license. It seems it works differently, at the beginning we have 12 points and with each infraction we lose some, so i lose 3 of them by now :)



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If only I'd posted last week I'd have had 3, but another one dropped through the door on Saturday