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Hi all,

Arrived home this evening to discover a letter in the door from Suffolk SafeCam telling us that my wife was caught doing 79 in a 70 zone and this was a notice of prosecution. My wife drives on an Irish licence.

With neither of us ever having been caught speeding in the UK before I have a question.

Will the fact that my wife drives on an Irish license mean she has to appear in court or can she just pay the speeding fine?

We won't be contesting or anything like that but any and all advice appreciated.
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is it offering you 3 points and a fine ?
or giveing you a court date ?
she should beable to just admit it and get the points etc
wont need to go to court


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It's offering fixed penalty and 3 points, no court date. However, you can't get points on an Irish license (Irish Republic) so that's why I'm wondering will we end up in court?

This site has a Q&A but when you try to click on the Q 'I have a non-UK driving licence, what do I do?' you get no answer!

EDIT: I did a 'View Source' on that page and found the answer! :w00t:

For all offences committed on or after April 1st 2009 you can now, providing you qualify to do so, elect to be dealt with by fixed penalty. Please see "Can I be dealt with by fixed penalty without having to go to court?
When I go to that section I see the following answer:
Can I be dealt with by fixed penalty without having to go
to court?

Yes, but only if you have 8 or fewer penalty points on your driving licence and the recorded speed is less than;

20mph above a 30mph speed limit
26mph above any other speed limit in force.
so it looks like we can just pay the fine without having my wife have to go to court! Phew!
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as long as they can put points on aswell thats ok
you realy wont know till she sends the licence back

how come you cant get points on a irish licence


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how come you cant get points on a irish licence
The Republic of Ireland is a different country to Northern Ireland (legally) and different to the UK. Drivers with a French or German license can't get points on their licence for offences committed in the UK. Likewise a UK driver in France or Ireland can't get points on his/her license.

However, the Irish and British governments, in the spirit of cooperation are working on a system to allow Irish drivers get points in the UK and British drivers get points in Ireland. Warms your heart doesn't it? :laugh::laugh:


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You'll be fine, just tell her to slow down!! It will be just a case of paying the fine, probably £60 and receiving the points (3)

My only advice is to just pay up when you get the ticket otherwise they will put it through the court system and the cost will escalate FAST

Best wishes



I just got done doing 50+ (the gun just showed 50+) in a 30.

Going on info above seems I should have court date..but I have been given fixed penalty and 3 points should be coming (amount of points not confirmed on the ticket..but i really hope its 3 as im on 6 already...)


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Dont read into those limits too much, its down to the person who's reporting you to pretty much decide what to do with you.

I've nabbed people at 58 in a 30 and they've been offered a ticket at the roadside and they've chomped my arm off (I dont blame them).

It varies from force area to force area too, what one does another may not....for example speed awareness courses.

With regard to the irish licence then James is correct, they'll create a UK driver number for the driver and stick the points on that so there'll be a record under her details.



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My missis had one of these just after xmas, she went through a red light by 1.1 seconds as it had just changed, it was heavy snow she didnt want to slam her brakes on and cause an accident, but these scameras do not take traffic, road conditions or anything else into account, they are simply there to make money.

Luckily she has been offered a course but still has to pay £70.00, small price to pay as she has not been driving 2 years yet, it annoys me as she is a careful and slow driver and for trying to drive safely and avoid accidents she is penalised and fined, disgusting.

I could understand if she had deliberatly ran a red or was speeding, but i know these particular lights well and they are on a dual carriageway and change from orange to red quicker than you would think, all designed to catch you out!

Even got the photos from the police (cheers), if its not all about money why does she still have to pay but lose the points??

The country stinks, the law favours the corrupt and criminal and those who abide it suffer its unjust wrath.

Im sure even you would agree there tom, if you cant beat it, you join it!! :yes::busted_cop:
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I've always said I'd rather have real plod that can apply a bit of discretion to a situation rather than cameras :)