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Specialists VS Generic insurers

Dave-S3 Apr 24, 2014

  1. Dave-S3

    Dave-S3 Registered User

    Ive just renewed my car insurance, ive got 2009 S3 S-tronic, im a 24 yo male with 6 years driving experience 6 years no claims, no convictions, no fault/non fault crashes, living in a C area postcode. I called up a number of the specialist insurers including sky/greenlight etc and not one of them could get close to the prices i was being given by the generic comparison companies. the best quote i had was a reasonable £900 with legal protection and a £600ish excess.

    I actually ended up getting a policy for less than half of that from one of the generic insurers, this was also with each and every optional extra listed on my S3 declared to make doubley sure i was covered 100% To add the legal protection on would have cost me another £30 and the excess is the same at £600.

    My question is, why are the specialist insurance companies being outdone hugely by generic comparison style quotes, and why cant you even get close to these prices based on the fact that you want to take over the performance/modified market?
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  3. wolfie138

    wolfie138 Registered User

    i don't think you'll ever get a sensible answer when asking insurance companies about their prices, lol. you either get the "everyone is different" excuse, or "PM us for a quote" thing implying they'll make private deals if you bother them but won't make those offers publicly. every time i go to gocompare etc i get quotes from about £150 to £6000+ (that's not an exaggeration, i've literally had that), and that tells me all i need to know : they make sht up and hope people just pay it w/out question. if i was you i'd simply shop around and take the best offer; hoping for some sensible debate on why one group thinks it's acceptabelt o quote 50% more than another is just not going to happen.
  4. Dave-S3

    Dave-S3 Registered User

    You clearly havent read any of my post.. I stated quite clearly that i have just renewed it. My question wasnt directly about premium prices, nor do i want a debate about it.

    My question was that if these specailist companies are catering towards performance and modified hatchbacks and want to grab the narrow market, then why can they not get within a closer margin of generic car insurance policys. On my comparison results i had premiums ranging from £400 - £14000....
  5. jojo

    jojo Looking for Boost! Staff Member Moderator

    At the end of the day Dave, you did the right thing by shopping around and getting the 'best' deal for yourself. For me personally, my car is tuned to a state that I'm not comfortable getting it insured by a generic insurance company, the site sponsors are more knowledgable(in most cases), when I mention certain mods. And the premium is much cheaper than I had anticipated before shopping around.
  6. Lavis89

    Lavis89 Well-Known Member Regional Rep

    I get brilliant prices when i get quote from generic websites on my car, but as soon as i start to add my modifications the premiums start skyrocketing, i think the only thing that increased the premium on my "specialist" insurance was when i declared my remap, they didn't care that basically nothing on the car is standard barr the block and turbo, and it's all been done within the space of the past year, the only thing they charged me was a £24 admin fee to add all the mods.

    It's always going to be different for different people, i still loved that when i was 20 i had a standard 998cc fiat punto and was paying £840 a year fully comp, when i bought my a3 (still 20 at this point) i changed the policy over for my 1.8T quattro and got refunded £30 :p

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