spark plugs and oil


hi my car had a full audi service done 2000 miles before i bought it and i have had the water pump and cam belt changed but for piece of mind i want my mate whos a master tech to change the oil plus filter and spark plugs and haldex oil change.
would castrol tws motorsport 10w 60 be good for my engine?
what plugs does every one rate?
is there and thing i should know about changing the haldex oil?
cheers guys


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Not sure about suitability of the TWS - that's a new one on me. Perhaps someone else has experience?... Castrol recommend EDGE 5W-30 for the S3 if you like their stuff...

As for plugs, the boys on here seem to favour NGK PFR6Q 6458...

Things to know about changing the haldex oil - it's for the haldex ;) - Seriously though, if you can get the car up on some ramps you'll get the drain plug out without too much fuss. It can be quite messy if you're not fast though because it's very thin. Apparently changing the filter for it is the trikiest part...




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The oil just needs to be the right spec, I like the motul stuff from opieoils that is.

The haldex filter required a special tool to do it properly and there's a correct temp for the oil to be removed at if doing it 100% by the book.