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Sportback Spark Plug help!?

teddyrs3 Jun 1, 2020

  1. teddyrs3

    teddyrs3 Member

    Hi guys,

    really could use some help and clarification on this matter.

    running a Stage 2 PFL RS3. oem plugs are £115 from my local Audi dealer.

    what alternatives are there? From researching online I have found Denso VKH22 and the IKH24.

    I have seen the NGK competition ones for £160 odd but I do a lot of mileage and can’t justify the price as I would be changing every few months (10k change).

    really appreciate any help if possible.

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  3. Russrs3

    Russrs3 Member

    I fitted denso spark plugs in my old 2015 PFL. All was fine for about 1000 miles and then I started to experience dreadful misfiring to the point I thought I’d had an injector fail. I fitted a set of genuine plugs from Audi and problem solved. I may just have had a dodgy one/set but I’ll be sticking with genuine in future. My car was only stage one by the way

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