Spark plug change interval chipped engines

Good Evening Lads,

My A3 is due for an oil change sometime next week (expect to hit the 6k km mark sometime during next week) and I was wondering when I should change out the spark plugs. Some people recommend every oil change, some recommend every 10k miles.

I ask as I assume that with chipped engines and normal stock engines it's different. Also taking into consideration that I'm running NGK BKR7E copper plugs which don't last as long as platinum or iridium plugs. Mine were last changed during the last oil change which nearly 6k km ago.

Any input?



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iridiums are a 40k service part but would suggest halving that... coppers are generally 10k before they start to erode increasing gaps so read into that what you will...

Bare in mind that higher power in your case doesn't mean service intervals 'need' to get tighter... oil changes are the only things I tend to be particularly on the ball with and like hydro I tend to go 5k/12 months on any car regardless of level of tune... just remember your 'mapped' power levels are not that much higher than a lot of other cars standard power... if you are pushing into larger turbo setups and heading into 400hp or more than I'd take more of an interest but plug wise I'd stick to iridiums anyway

My 1.4tdi A2 gets an oil change every 6 months regardless and she is currently at 212k miles and still going strong