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Hi all
So had my S3 since November after moving on from a 350z
Heres the zed..


Picked up a 56k 8P which was pretty clean and had the lowest mileage about at the time with FSH, Bose, D shape steering wheel, cream and black leather



10 days later she had a revo stage 1 by dialynx.
Had the front grill colour coded and put on my private plate

Had a clicking noise from the heater motor which I had to get sorted. I've heard this is quite a common fault.. Luckily the clicking noise is the yellow arm from the heater motor and not the whole thing so wasn't that bad to fix
Swapped the side lights and number plate bulbs With LEDs, divertor Valve upgraded
Treated the car to some new S3 Matts with white piping to match the seats.
(Pic to follow shortly)
So far loving this car.. alot.
Im even more obsessed with having this car being perfect than I was with the Z so anything that wasn't in perfect condition I had to replace, so had to replace the broken oil cap, any yellow bulbs the rubber strap has snapped on the fuel cap which annoys me so need to replace that, fixed the centre armrest with some Velcro tape and glue, 6k HIDs and a k&n filter.
I want to eventually stick an android Bluetooth unit in at some point.. Maybe new wheels.. Maybe miltek exhaust and maybe I'll be able to stop spending money on it
Bought a karcher pressure washer and a load of snow foam for it too. Gets a clean every weekend now... Looking forward to the summer so I can get the meguires 3 stage out!
Thanks for reading

Richard Appleyard

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Looking well mate. I've had mine just over a month but credit to the past owner. He's cared for it really well. I want some new s3 mats. And this ****** weather to brighten up so I can give her a good fettleing.


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Thanks mate, previous owner of mine looked after it well too.. And I'm from Swindon and drove to Cardiff to pick the car up and the log book said previous owner was from Swindon!
I got some decent Matts from eBay. Not bad priced too considering the boot matt was also part of it


Richard Appleyard

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Oooooo. I like them. I only use mine about once a week so I can keep the interior immaculate. How does it compare the the "z"?


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I miss the RWD fun of the Z but the audis faster, has less rattles, suspensions better. Slightly less thirsty and is more practical.. I'd definitely have another 350 but for everyday use the Audis a better car


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Nice motor. Yeah get some 19in Rotors on, and perhaps lower it a few mm. will transform the car :D