Spacers... Now need longer locking wheel bolts


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Bought some 10mm spacers but not sure how to go about ordering some locking wheel bolts...

It asks me loads of questions which i dn't know the answer to.

My car is a 56plate S3 with standard alloys and standard suspension.

Anyone fancy helping me??

Shaft length
Head size

Thanks in advance



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Well a standard wheel nut thread is 27mm IIRC, so presumably with a 10 spacer you would need 37mm thread?

But please, anybody correct me if I'm wrong!


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Thread = M14x1.5
Seat = Radius
Head = 17mm

Then as Brad says, think standard length is 27.5mm so add 10mm to that.


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Thanks everyone. If it was 40mm thread that would be alright and not too long? Ie catch anything on the otherside from being too long? Can't find any at 37mm


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Give Graeme and PM on here (GnJ Motorsport) he sorted me out with some for my 10mm spacers


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Got some McGuard Black Edition Locking Nuts if your interested, used them when i was running 10mm spacers, but have removed the spacers now as I was having rubbing issues with my coilovers. PM me if interested. George


When I grow up, I want a 964!
40mm should be fine with 10mm spacers.

Damian @ DPM Performance

I assume 40mm would be sound with 12mm spacers aswell Damian?