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South West Wales Meet - End of March

imported_TolSport Feb 18, 2005

  1. Trying to not step on the lads from Cardiff toes here, i know their meet is over the other end of the country.

    But as the Welsh Region Host over at Club SE i regularly hold a meet in Swansea too.

    Meet up at J47 services, once everyone is introduced and caught up, we either hit the McDonalds next door, or go straight on thru to Swansea in a convoy. Coming to a halt in Parc Tawe, for either more food, or food if you missed McD's, a drink (only 1 for the road!) and a couple of games of bowling!

    We have one this coming sunday, the 20th but i think its probably a little short notice for anyone interested. So im just curious if there is anyone interested in coming along to the March meet?

    This months sees a minimum of 5 people attending. Next month (being March) is already up to 7. Although mainly SEAT's are turning up, i too have extended the welcome to the other VAG cars. Briskoda, and VW have also be welcomed in.

    If any of you Audi guys and gals fancy getting out on a Sunday towards the end of the month, then please let me know, would be nice to see a couple of you popping along!

    Already one fella on here i know that lives in Port Talbot, so if yourself, or anyone else is interested in coming, just let me know and i will update this thread closer to the time with all the details.

    thanks everyone!


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