South Wales meet

I will be there guy's
im thinking of sometime in the middle of FEB so if people are happy about that all cool.
Not sure if I can make it, hopefully we can, but will keep you posted.

P.S. my friend sent me this the other day..

From the country that brought you the Echo, Derek the Weatherman, dai caps and Mam-gu...


You know at least 10 "Dais"

You have to explain what "togs" are and more importantly what "daps" are

You've suddenly realised that you are 10p short for the Severn bridge

"Fin hoffi coffi" does not mean fluency in Welsh

You've bumped into someone you know on your holidays in the Costa del sol

Conversations with Indian call centre workers do not end well

You support any team that plays against England

You know at least one person who claims they were in school with either Charlotte Church, Katherine Jenkins, Ioan Gryffudd or Catherine Zeta-Jones

You wince when you see a Welsh person making a twit of themselves on TV and they usually have the strongest Welsh accent ever

That coat is indeed my jacket

You raise a small cheer when you see the "Croeso i Cymru" on the M4 or Welcome to Wales – as you come down the hill from Ross into Monmouth.

You're a fluent Welsh speaker but turn the pamphlet/leaflet over and read the English version

You last name is one of the following: Williams, Bevan,
Watkins, Llewellyn, Morgan, Rees, Powell, Huws,[FONT=&quot] Howell, Davies, Lewis, Thomas, Jones, Griffiths, Morris, Evans, James, Roberts, Jenkins or Owen

When you go abroad you have to explain to people where Wales is, and that it is not part of England

You can name all the celebrities that have any connection to Wales

You own a Stereophonics CD

Hugh Pugh, Max Boyce and Derek the Weatherman are all TV personalities you recognize

You know who exactly Aneurin Bevan is and what exactly he is famous for

A village/town 3 miles away is described locally as being just around the corner or just down the road

You don't know the surnames of any of you friends, you refer to them instead as Dai the Milk, Will the shop, Ron Top Road , or Mark Ty-Draw

You remember watching Ivor the Engine, Will Quack Quack, Sam Tan a Super Ted

A butty is your mate not a sandwich

The word "Never" is used on a daily basis and everything "does my head in"

You’ve used the phrase "I'll be there now in a minute" on several occasions

Proper, Cwtch, Tidy, Potch, Dap, and Courting are daily used phrases


(Didn't want to post in the Jokes forum, cos I'm not sure if others will understand)..

no worries helen, hope to see you and rob soon though and hope xmas and new year went well for you.

the thing about that joke is...... its all too tue lol
so im thinking either the 14th or 21st of feb for the meet. wot date is good for you peeps??
how about it then guys and gals, spread the word if you fancy meeting up!!
hopefully if we can get a few members willing to turn up we shall go to th captains wife as we have had some good meets there with plenty of chat and its a nice cosy place you can relax, ill keep you informed whether its on or not as nt many have posted up interest yet
Not sure yet as to whether i'll be free or not. I'll keep an eye on this post just in case though.
just had a thought butty the 14th is valentines day so maybe not a good idea on that date so may have to be the 21st how bout it people im looking forward to this just went on the captains wife web site and it looks really nice i am thinking of taking the wife there for our wedding annversery on the 17th anyone know what the food is like and what they serve cheers Gareth
That's a good point Tazzy, 14-Feb is a day for the lady's i better start saving for a card and a meal for two down Mcdonalds.. (time's are hard). The food in the Captains Wife is very good, at the last meet around christmas time some stayed for food .
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Cmd i like the way you think buddy its thoughtful and well within budget lol,,, I was thinking te other night has anyone heared from Mac1403 and MrG
aint seen martin since audi driver so would be good to see him there. as for mr G i think he gone quiet but im sure he will turn up if he had some notice. totally forgot about valentines day lol looks like ill be making my girl a card made from paper mashay and food from dominoes with her paying lol we can set a date after the 14th if everyone likes, it hasnt got to be in feb i just tought it would be nice to catch up wit a few faces.
is anyone interested in this meet as we not getting many takers on this one this time, where's the spirit gone lads and ladys lol
Grant correct ..Let's have a show of hand's for the end of FEB..
im going to say a date so people know if they have time to get to the meet or not, feb 26th at the captains wife. i shall be there so please dont let me be the only gay in the village lol
Friday 26th Feb. late evening? cos some people are probably working. Unless you mean 28th?
whoops lol i was thinkin of summin else, yea sorry i meant the 28th thanks helen
Excellenti, might be able to make this :icon_thumright:
Yes that's sound's good to me .. See you all there.
im there might not have enough cash to have food though but cant wait been looking forward to this for ages,,,,, anyone know if the guy who had the rs4 will be there would love to sit in the passengers seat and go for a spin lol
Hi Boyz and Girlz, have we still got a green light for the meet @ the Capt Wife .. I know some of you are rocking some new toy's ect .
Sorry guys can't make this one, far too much on. :(
CMD - whos rocking some new toys....... please tell.....

Tazzy baby - Which RS4 you referring to? The red or the silver one?
Maz, how you doing LTNS .. Tazzy has dvd , new wheels,ect. Mark has been working his magic on his a4q . Grant has layed down some new coilover's and i think some new brake's, his car look's sweet, Some new member's might also show up.. Maz have you done/change anything on your's..
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1pm sounds good, lets get a show of hands then to who is going to make it and who cant.

tazzy mate i dont think Grant(red RS4) will be there as not heard from him and im not sure about the other dude wit the silver RS4.

looking forward to this guys and hope we can get a good turn out.
hi all ,
havent been able to get on here for ages wouldnt log on? will try to get down there see whats on closer to the day.also depends on the brakes as theyve been playing up recentley.

either abs sensor or trigger ring,theyre grabbing just before i pull to a stop.makes me look and feel like a novice driver. nathan(silver rs4)
Hi Colin, Been very busy as of late.... No rest for the wicked or me!!!! Just catching up on the threads. People have been busy.
Be good to have new members coming along.... more the merrier. :)
Not done anything with my toy yet, still not driven it since the Christmas Meet. :sadlike:
I'm only doing a couple of things to it but that won't be till April/May.
Don't think Grant (Red RS4) will be showing up as he's had a lot on too.
Remember to take piccys.
hi all ,
havent been able to get on here for ages wouldnt log on? will try to get down there see whats on closer to the day.also depends on the brakes as theyve been playing up recentley.

either abs sensor or trigger ring,theyre grabbing just before i pull to a stop.makes me look and feel like a novice driver. nathan(silver rs4)

ah nathan!! sorry mate i couldnt remember your name when i was writing last lol be good for you to turn up, hope you get them brakes sorted unless you want to give them to me lol are you on your OE RS4 brakes or have you upgraded?
hows it going mate ,the s4 looks good with the new suspension seen a couple of pics nice.

the brakes have been upgraded,theyre porsche gt3 calipers with rs4 b7 discs.

only just fit behind standard wheels.

theyre awsome when working properly.just need to locate whats wrong with it.
i got the car looking how i wanted it now so looking forward to the rest of the things i want to do! POWER!!! but first i need some good brakes. PM sent
Weather's looking fine! see you there shortly! :beerchug:

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