Sound Upgrade A4 B9


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Just wanted to share my sound system upgrade experience. Ended up spending around £2k to replace the stock sound system in my 2017 A4 B9 avant.

The following was done in stages by a professional car audio workshop with my observations on the difference it made:

Stage 1
Front doors acoustic matted and door and dash speakers replaced with audison prima AP 2.5 (dash) and 6 (door)...... Greater clarity, particularly mid range and vocals compared to stock system, still struggled and a little muddy with songs with a wide range of instruments. Bass tighter and a little deeper than before. I would not recommend just doing this stage on its own. It's better but not a massive change in my view. Music seemed louder but still sounded a little thin.

Stage 2
AMP and dsp done at the same (match tech 6 channel) time. This made a big difference. System sounder louder, fuller and clearer with more detail, with greater clarity and bass better as well. At this stage I was tempted to stop but felt that while it sounded much better than the stock system, it was missing bass and distorted somewhat on more bass heavy tracks.
Stage 3
Installed a sub in the boot. Went for the helix 8. This sub added missing lower tones. It's not the kind of bass that will displace your organs and serve as an early warning system in a mile radius of your car, but it definately made a good and noticeable difference and provided tight bass and tone. This (following tuning at the car workshop) allowed the sub to take the pressure of the other speakers = more defined and much deeper bass, other speakers seemed clearer as not playing lower tones so much.

End result, much better that the stock audio sound system in my view, which murdered most music. What I have now is lounder, clearer and much more detailed with notably wider frequency range. I hear details, bass and tone the stock system did not have.. Mids and highs much clearer. Great sound stage on front dash. Stock system did not really have just bounced around the car occasionally slapping you in the face..
Hope this helps someone. I am pleased with the end result and would do it again
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