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Sound system upgrade including B&O sub aftermarket amp and Focal speakers

AdamTucker Jul 30, 2020

  1. AdamTucker

    AdamTucker Registered User

    Hi folks, I'm most of the way through upgrading the infotainment system in my 64 plate sline convertible. So far:
    1. MiB 2 and screen upgrade by Audi Retrofits to give Android Auto etc
    2. Existing 8 speakers replaced with Focal PS 165s components
    3. Vibe powerbox 65.4 amp driven via high level speaker outputs
    I've just bought a B&O spare wheel well mounted sub and would like to install that and a more powerful amp. Been through the threads on here and very helpful though still have following questions:

    1. Is it possible via coding to set all outputs MiB2 to RCA low level including the sub and centre speaker? Reason for asking is that as some of you will know the B&O sub is dual coil/4 wires so I was thinking of using the pins on quadlock for both centre and sub to drive both coils. If so what is the exact coding required?
    2. I don't really want to go down the MOST(?) fibre optic route so is there a way of getting RCA outputs without this?
    3. Does anybody know the part numbers for the extended bolt and nut that I apparently need in the boot to secure the B&O sub?
    Any help much appreciated. I'm happy to put photos a guide up once done to help others.
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  3. jiannu

    jiannu Registered User

    Any chance you can return the focals? I have that set and to be very honest, I expected alot better and cleaner. Sounds very high and not impressed.

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