Sound Issue???


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Hi Guys,

Abit of a weird one. when connectingMMi through Bluetooth the sound in my A6 seems to get, louder and quieter when cranked up a little? Any one else experienced this?

I have gone through every sound setting and all the settings on my iPhone and nothing seems to change anything? Radio its fine, CD its fine??


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I haven’t had these issues over Bluetooth for music/podcasts on iPhone.
But I do get terrible crackling audio on phone calls with all troubleshooting failing.
iOS 13.6 beta. iPhone XS. Bluetooth version 3.70.4.RMC EU K 16152
Plenty of other German cars with similar issues on other forums.

what version is your Bluetooth in mmi?


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Hi mate,

I'm not sure to be honest would have to check?

My phone works perfect on calls, I do have to crank the volume all the way up 20+ to hear them.