SOS.. Help!! A4 1.9tdi AFN


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Hello everyone, I'm new to the site, can anyone help with some advice?

I have bought a 1998 A4 1.9tdi Avant SE. the engine is a 110 AFN but has a blown head gasket I was advised that it could be a can of worms fixing the engine as it wasn't known how much heat had been put into it with the problem and the last owner also about same price to just change the engine.

I got a replacement from a breaker but it turns out the replacement is actually an 90 AHU engine. The breaker won't replace the engine or give me a full refund as he says it's the same engine and that all I have to do is change the exhaust manifold and the turbo over from the old engine to make it the same.

Is this true or not? from what I can find it doesn't seem to be the case. The breaker swears that this is corect and he has sold lots Any help would be much appreciated. :sos:


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The block and head may be the ame, i imagine the pump, injectors, turbo etc would be different.

Tho i'm no expert on the 90 AHU engine, Tho it seems to me ur stuck, and if you're mechanically minded and got the time/tools i'd have a go and see how you get on.


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hello Evo, I was wanting the garage to do it as I don't have tools or the space unfortunately. If I knew this I would have pulled the old engine apart. I was hoping for a definite one way or the other. I'm also not sure what it would do to the insurance. The breakers are telling me that they explained on the phone call and have a recording of it though I know this is not true it would have to involve lawyers. I will have to find out one way or the other before doing anything. thanks anyway. Do you have any sugestions of whom to contact for info. my problem is finances are very tight at the moment. Cheers Spud.


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Your breaker is being a bit of a ****** and you could probably get trading standerds to make him take it back as you asked for a AFN engine and he supplied something else.
Yes the block and head are the same but the parts that bolt on are different.
You will also have to swap your fuel injectors over as the nozzle size is bigger on the 110 BHP.
You will also have to swap your fuel pump over as i think the 110 BHP has a 10mm head were as the 90BHP has a 9MM - not sure on this but as you have it out the car its easier to do.
Ask him to play you back the recording - who heard of a breaker (scrappy) investing in phone recording technology?
it is possible but you need to swap a lot of bits
One other thing to consider is the wiring loom to the fuel pump- theres 10 pin and 8 pin ones depending on the year- although this shouldnt be an issue if you use your old pump and wiring loom.
a 1998 AFN engine would be a better drop in replacement.
Cant think of anything else off the top of my head other than are the flywheels the same?


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probably doesn't help but I fitted afn injectors (205) on my ahu audi (195)engine and it was actually quciker than a friends 110tdi skoda with no running issues at all, i always thought the difference in fuel pumps were between autos and manual(i don't know why but i heard that somewhere)