sorry another S4 tire question - 255 v 245

I have gone on a couple of sites as i am looking at getting 4 new tyres.

For some reason i can get Michelin pilot sports for £160 fitted in 255 / 35/ r19

however the 245 /35 / r19 version is £187 fitted

According to a number of websites my car will accept 245 or 255 tryes

what is the difference and is it correct that the S4 will take 255 tyres as it seems to make sense to get the cheaper 255 versions


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I was thinking of doing this as well potentially.

It looks like the main thing would be that your speedo would under-read by something like 1%, but that's not really an issue. I just wonder if they went slightly narrower to help it from tramlining like the B8.5 did, and putting them on would bring that back a bit?

Either way I don't think that you'd actually have an issue. And if you go for the 255's, let us know how you get on. :)
it looks as though the 255 are the pilot sport 4 whist the 245 are the pilot sport 4s

there is a £20 difference in price. If i knew the 255 would definitely fit i would probably go for those


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The actual tyre will definitely fit the alloy, they're the same width as my B8.5 was and it came with 255 as standard.