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Hi All,

I'm currently looking into getting an S3 8P. I've been looking around the forum, some YouTube videos and some other reviews and I really like the look and sound of the them overall. I'm currently driving an 03 Subaru Impreza and feel I want/need something smoother, smarter and just as enjoyable to drive performance wise as the Impreza isn't really practical.

I'm looking at spending around £12,000 and it's very specific what I'm looking for i.e white, black edition, sportsback (assume that's 5 door?) Auto (DSG) and possibly the white and black leather interior but not essential, which I have been coming across for that price but few and far between.

I'm wondering if it's worth getting something for around £10,000-£11,000 and spending the left over cash on the car or just going for a £12k one with lower miles or something?

I'm also looking for anyone that lives in or around the Sussex area that can recommend a trustworthy mechanic who works on Audi's that I can get any future work done and possibly a full check once purchased?

Thanks for taking your time to read, I hope to hear from you soon and look forward to the future.


Audi S3
Forgot to add, do all the S3 8P's have the Quattro system?



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