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Soon to be new BiTDi owner already got engine mods in mind

Natebrand1987 Oct 16, 2017

  1. Natebrand1987

    Natebrand1987 Member

    been hankering after an a7 bitdi for a while now, having taken my a4 to 400hp its about done unless i want to spend alot more money and lose drivability not only that shes 8 years old so its time to move on.

    Behold the Bitdi engine.

    spec sheet --file:///C:/Users/Nate%20Brand/Downloads/pps_604_audi_30l_v6_tdi_biturbo_engine_eng%20(1).pdf

    the turbo and fuel system is the main change in ancillaries compared to my capa

    the changes are as such

    2260 --- 1749vnt/3067wg

    cp1 R85 --- cp4 r80

    better ic


    better piston cooling ducts

    better piston design reducing temps by 25c

    better wrist pin design

    port changes

    split head cooling design to force more water around the hotter areas of the head ie valve seats and injector areas

    The gearbox is also a zf8 8 speed planetary box which if you look at the design is impressive and efficient

    these improvements yield

    313hp and 650nm ( 1.8k-3k )

    which as we can all admit is alot straight out of the box

    doing lots and lots of research on this engine in the past week the turbo set up is extremely clever having 3 phases of operation requiring 4 bypasses 3 controlled.

    these are totally on the 1749 then moving to both to 3.3k then totally having the wastegated 3067 to a 5.2k redline

    the larger turbo always precharges the smaller. this arrangement including the hot side also always means the smaller turbo is spooled to keep throttle response and lag to zero.

    if you are not aware these engines map to around 400hp straight out the box, but straight away i have some improvements in mind

    list is as follows

    Uprate to large FMIC

    Swop CP4 HPFP to a cp3 for alot higher flow R95-R110 range

    ditch rear boxes

    DPF delete

    EGR delete

    larger intake

    Hybrid the larger wastegated turbo to 3580 billet

    with these mods 500hp and 1000nm plus should be easily achievable still with zero lag.

    the hardest part i think will be mapping it as the ecu will control the 3 phases of the turbo operation and i think the turbine bypass will need to option sooner to get the larger turbo spooling with out sacrificing the rpm of the smaller turbo.

    the extra fuel injected will help to spool this huge increase in turbo size but only time will tell..
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  3. barkclark

    barkclark Well-Known Member

    Looking forward to the mods! I always had the idea that these would be capable of 500+bhp. Very cool for a 3.0 diesel . 1000nm is insane!

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  4. Natebrand1987

    Natebrand1987 Member

    after doing some more searching i have found on the german ebay that the gbox is a zf8-55 which is rated to 550nm..... i find this very hard to belive since the engine has 650nm stock ?!?!?!?! why would you put a box in a car that has a lower rating than your engine produces from the factory :shrug::shrug::sleeping::sleeping::slapped::slapped::slapped::sos::sos::sos:
  5. barkclark

    barkclark Well-Known Member

    Im sure that cant be right. My gearbox is rated to around 700nm i think? I doubt the BiTDi would be less!

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  6. SteveMcB

    SteveMcB Well-Known Member Team Sepang Audi Cabriolet Owner Group SQ5 owners group

    I've got an SQ5 plus which I'm guessing has the same engine and box as the A7. Mine is 340bhp and 700NM from the factory so I reckon Herr Ebay must be mistaken.
  7. Natebrand1987

    Natebrand1987 Member

    every box stated for the bitdi is the zf8-55. even found it on a part number website .. shocking... although i have heard this box is strong so... hence why they used it and not the S tronic
  8. The Black Panther

    The Black Panther Adventurer !

    Hi what have you changed so far ?
    See my specs below. :)


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