Sony XAV-60 DVD problem


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I have just installed a Sony XAV-60 double din receiver into my audi a3. I bought this on eBay from America, thinking that changing the dvd region should not be too hard (as normally you are allowed to change the dvd region code like once or twice).
However, I have no idea now how to change the dvd region code lol and every time I try a dvd it say the region code is wrong.

Anyone have any idea how to change the region code on this head unit?

Thanks :)


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ok thanks, how do I rip the dvds then?

Also ive got films on my external hard drive, can I not play them off the hard drive?


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no idea, mine reads DIVX movies direct from DVDrws but will not read them from the USB port, yours maybe different.

Google DVD copy or ripping mate, many options availabe.

I tend to rip mine to DIVX and then put 5 or 6 films on per DVD, or several series of something, keeps the kids