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Dec 18, 2005
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Ignoring the politics of their recent postings it was good to see our troops on parade through Royal Leamington Spa,makes me proud to be British





Yeah, fair play to those boys and girls...

I don't wish to get into a discussion about the politics behind what our armed forces are doing, and where - obviously that's often a pretty sticky subject - but regardless of whether I happen to agree with the particular scenario or not; I've always got support for the lads and lasses at the sharp end. They make a good job of tough work and I think as a nation we should seperate logistics from politics a bit more and then show our gratitude to those who have comfortably earned it.


:applaus::applaus::applaus:Those people put their lives on the line every day for us they deserve so much more than medals. It takes an amazing person to join the armed forces. Well done guys I agree with Voorhees Im proud to be British.

On a lighter note...those kids have got to be yours...That boy is a spit of you :)
yes Stacie and hopefully Reece will grow out of it with his looks :)
Top Job, cool pics :thumbsup:

Nice to see the kids looking so patriotic :respekt:
weh heh the good old days where we conqeur every land rob and pillage good on you lads im all for it...great pics voorhees good on the troops they take alot of **** from the public.... imagin your in a war then when you come home some idiot in the crowd screaming blue murder at you i think id just bayonet him serious ...... if the country was invaded the people who dont agree would be the first screaming at the army for help ..............
Great pics, everyone of them proud to do their bit to keep the UK safe.
It's nice to hear positive things from the public. I met a women in the pub last weekend who was nearly in tears when she left because she seemed to admire me so much just for having been to Afghanistan. It was pretty strange to be honest.

I think part of it was because it brought back memories from when she was in the forces.

The other part may have been the alcohol! lol
ho yes it makes you proud my daughter and son inlaw was at the front line in basra as medics it was the worse 6 months of my life constant worry so these lads and lasses deserve a good home coming and deserve respect from us ALL

So glad to read this Chris, its shameful the way they've been treated given what they've done for us in the past, I'm disgusted that it was even on the table to do or not, it shouldnt have even been a discussion IMHO, Brown has to go asap & yeah good to see troops back & no idiots shouting at them this time, my mates just joining up for training from tuesday up near another forum member so when he's done does worry me what will happen to him, but he's clever lad so hopefully he'll do as he's told & stay alive when posted.
Great stuff...........

If I had my way, I'd be sending them to Downing Street next to remove the current dictatorship for power,,, and then on to man our borders to repel all invaders...........!!!