Some RS3 interior upgrades... done

Audi Dynamik

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Wow, that little bit just makes it so much more nice and effective believe it or not. They are not major modifications but they do make a massive difference.
Very nice indeed :)


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That looks lovely, how's the finish on the leather trim does it look OEM? Who did your carbon work in the end?


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I can't be 100% sure but the leather is an exact match and so is the stitching, it looks like the supplier is getting their hands on Audi leather :)

Guy in Birmingham did it for me in the end, really pleased with it


Stunning !!! And such a subtle mod as well, I'd like the details of the chap who did the leather work please. :respekt:


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Smiles better. Very tempted top get the door blades done in carbon, to help reduce the surface swirls that they pick up over time.

I did machine polish them a few months again, but the faint, light scratches are back.


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Looks very nice. My original RS3 order had the extended leather pack. However it was to be...:bye:

Carbon cappings look good, won't show the swirls like the black ones.