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Some reassurance maybe ?

AshRS3sportback Jun 6, 2018

  1. AshRS3sportback

    AshRS3sportback Member


    I have little doubt this question has been asked many times, however I guess I’m looking for a little reassurance.

    I purchased my 66 plate PFL RS3 7 months ago as a weekend car. It’s low mileage at 9k and IMO is superbly spec’d including;

    Panther Black crystal
    Pano Roof
    Staggered wheels
    Dynamic pack
    Tech high
    B&O sound
    Supersports seats
    Adaptive cruise
    Satin chrome pack (nice contrast to the black)
    Diamond cut black wheels.

    I love everything about this car. A simply great all round package without the pretentious of a “proper sports car”

    Having done research, I’m contemplating a stage 1 tune with MRC. Don’t get me wrong, to me the car feels very quick, however I really like the idea a little more.

    Getting to the point, as your probably bored by now, my question. Is a stage 1 tune safe or is it pushing the boundaries of what is already a high specific output engine?

    I’m not looking for huge figures, but I’d like an unstressed 400bhp + linear performance upgrade. I don’t like the idea of just sticking a box under the bonnet which just whacks the boost up. Surely a custom tune has to be better, as it will analyse what the engine already has and tailor it further?

    I do of course worry about my warranty, which doesn’t expire until late 2019.

    Any thoughts or advice appreciated


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  3. Callump01

    Callump01 Active Member Team Nardo Saloon Audi RS3 quattro

    I think these engines are more than capable of a little more than Audi squeeze out of them, you'll most likely be absolutely fine with a modest remap - you just need to weigh up whether it's worth losing your warranty. That's the predicament that I'm facing now having been seriously tempted by seeing some of the big gains on offer from remapping the FL engine. Just waiting to see what Revo come up with :icon thumright:
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  4. terminator x

    terminator x Well-Known Member

    The engine is already 390-400hp as loads of us got that on the rollers. Simple map incl decat rears will give 420hp and a lot more torque which is what makes the big difference standard vs mapped. You shouldn't have a problem as plenty of people run more power however best to assume that if you ever do you will be on your own as Audi will run a mile imho if a clearly tampered with car appears at a dealership.

    @D0C did this very thing.

    Last edited: Jun 6, 2018
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  5. AshRS3sportback

    AshRS3sportback Member

    Is the difference between standard and stage 1 really that noticeable?

    Only experienced mine so have no comparison.

  6. dno_uk

    dno_uk Active Member Team Ara Blue Team Riviera Audi RS3 Audi A6

    This is something I've been contemplating recently but after reading Evotion's thread I won't be bothering.

    Each to their own but in my opinion a manufacturers warranty on a £50k car is far more valuable than a small power increase - and let's be honest it's not like a standard RS3 is down on power.
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  7. terminator x

    terminator x Well-Known Member

    According to @D0C it is ferocious with a map, as I say torque is massively higher which is what is noticeable. HP not actually much higher vs standard. Tbf I left mine standard engine wise although sorted brakes and handling; rapid car as standard hardly anyone able to hang with it on the road in my experience.


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  8. Phil3

    Phil3 Well-Known Member Team Nardo Saloon Audi RS3

    A good quality ‘stage 1’ map on any car will be very noticeable... so yep, I think it would put an extra long grin on your face!
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  9. D0C

    D0C Well-Known Member Team Nardo Team Panther TTRS Audi RS3

    See attached dyno chart of the before and after of mine when MRC did a stage 1 tune.

    It ran 380ps/490nm. Post tune it was 437ps/630nm.

    Headline gains are obviously an extra 57ps and 140nm of torque. However, look more closely at the gains at 4500rpm, where you are right in the thick of the power band. At this point the gains are 100ps and 180nm of torque! In addition, look at 3000rpm where the turbo is just starting to really whirl...an extra 100nm.

    The car honestly felt like it had an extra 100+hp, which, when you look at the chart is not surprising. It felt savagely fast.

    I debated for a long time whether to take the plunge and was glad I did. I was confident the car could handle it and that if any future problems/faults occurred wouldn't be because of the map, but a manufacturing defect or faulty part. However, Audi would instantly blame anything on the map and could refuse warranty work. That's the problem you have.

    I thought that the engine would be fine. Even if the turbo went, it would be a good excuse to fit a bigger turbo. My concerns were more the haldex and gearbox. That first burst post map made me laugh out loud, though!

    Bit of a long post but will hopefully help you decide what to do. In summary, the performance gains are massive and boy will you notice the difference.

    Sorry, one other thing I would mention is that my TTRS feels like it has left the handbrake on after my mapped RS3. It feels quite a lot slower. Hence why I now have the same dilemma as yourself and am considering letting MRC loose on the new car!

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    Last edited: Jun 6, 2018
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  10. AshRS3sportback

    AshRS3sportback Member

    I appreciate the replies chaps.

    The graph from Doc illustrates a far more linear curve that just keeps on pulling.

    It must feel quick, especially considering when I’m driving it Standard it feels special.

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  11. billymc92

    billymc92 2018 Ara Blue Facelift RS3

    Definitely keeps on pulling and well worth it. I was doing 168 and still hadn’t changed to 7th gear, last time I visited the autobahn ofcourse...
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  13. jaysrs4

    jaysrs4 Active Member

    Had mine done a month ago, now running 470hp and 490 ft-lbs of torque. Just a map and K&N panel filter. The engine is good for more power from a map, but it just gets too hot and a bigger and more efficient intercooler drops charge temps to a safer level.

    I believe Audi have engineered these engines for tuning in mind, they’re massively under-stressed. I had a friend with a Nardo Grey one running the same power. He thrashed the thing day in, day out, multiple launches, raced bikes and anything he could find, did several track days and it never missed a beat.

    As for warranty, it’s been discussed many a time. If you’ve got a good relationship with your preferred tuner, and you need to take the car in to Audi for any issues, they should be able to return to stock for a short period. There’s still a risk there though granted.

    The car is savagely fast now, it’ll dispatch a new C63s with ease from a rolling start and is no doubt a fraction over 3 seconds to 60 (if not 3 seconds dead) using launch control. I’m on the look out for a V10 R8 to line up with, I’m betting it’ll be interesting.

    Stage 2 must be ridiculous and in some respects safer with better cooling. Yes I’m hankering after that already!
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  14. Keithm

    Keithm New Member

    Mad man mate, in all the best possible taste
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