some pics of my A4...


06 A4 2.0T FSi S-Line SE
Finally got round to taking a few pics of my A4. Unfortunately I'm yet to replace my DSLR otherwise the pics would be better, but you get the idea :) I took these on my cheapo Fujifilm S1730.

Anyway enough about cameras, here's my car...








Here's what I've done to it (also in my sig):

- AMG Mercedes S-Class alloys (8.5x19 ET43 front with 225/35/19 and 9.5x19 ET43 with 235/35/19 rear)
- AMG centre caps
- FK Konigsport coilovers (wheel arch to ground: 24.5" F, 24" R)
- RS4 grill with the chrome surround from my S-Line one swapped over
- red painted calipers with EBC Red Stuff front pads
- late-spec (2008) headlights with OEM clear corners
- In-Pro S4 style chrome mirrors
- Seat Leon Cupra R front splitter/lip
- Votex side skirts
- OEM black tailpipes replaced with polished stainless steel 3.5inch ones by Powerflow custom exhausts
- tints: 45% on the sides, 35% on the rear screen
- R8 oil filler cap
- other engine bay caps painted with plasti-dip matt black
- RS4 engine bay side panel/cover
- RS4 pedals
- RNS-E sat nav
- ambient lighting (front roof module only)
- alloy tax disc holder

So that's where my money went?! :)


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Looks so nice man! I love it.

The wheels were a great choice, and i really like how much you've lowered it. can i ask how much the coilovers were? Did you fit them yourself? Are they hard to fit?

Once again, great car. Would love the 2.0T if i could insure myself on one.


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simply stunning, would love mine to look even half as good as that.


06 A4 2.0T FSi S-Line SE
Thanks for the positive comments :)

Are they the inpro chrome wing mirrors?

Yes they are - I've had them for nearly 3 years & they still look like new. I'd heard rumours of the chrome coating peeling off, but I think that was a bit of propaganda from S4 drivers!


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That's what I call a good looking car:salute:

Did you use your s-line number plate filler on your RS4 grill? I've got one of these grills to put on mine and like you, I'm also going to change the surround to chrome. My problem is the filler that came with the grill has holes for parking sensors (which I've not got), So I was going to my existing plate filler but no sure if the gray would look right.


P.S. was it really as hard to change the grill, as everyone say it is?


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I used the same filler plate and you don't notice the colour difference largely because the reg plate covers most of the filler.

It's not necessarily hard to change the grille just a faff because of having to remove the front bumper and watching the tabs snap when you fit the chrome surround back on the grille.

Just don't mess with the bumper adjustment screws otherwise you'll end up being sectioned.


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Cheers Nathan,

Its the removing the bumper that's been putting me off. I've had the grille in my garage since October last year, taken the brushed alloy surround off it (only snapped one clip!!) but that's as far as I've got.


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Hi there, your car looks awesome mate a went for the complete black grill myself but i have to be honest which ever way i went i wud of been over the moon looking at yours, ive been wanting to post some pics of my car up to see what people think how did u do it mate? ha,
awww and by the way i love the red clipers ave been unsure what colour to paint mine but after seeing yours being black car like mine looks awsome!



06 A4 2.0T FSi S-Line SE
Cheers Mitch!

Actually, I'm going to vinyl wrap my grill gloss black to run a different look for a while. I was unsure about the calipers but the red works well with the red on the S-Line badge on the rear door. :)

To post images, first upload to somewhere (I have my own server as I'm a digital designer) and then in your post put the following...


Instead of "(" and ")" use square brackets - easy!


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hi there,

great looking car :yes:
may i ask how much the car is lowered and if there has been much degradation in ride comfort and if you are limited in the number of passengers you can carry?

i went for a 30mm all round drop on my A4 on eibach springs, as i didn't want to compromise ride quality too much but i love how low your beast is!



06 A4 2.0T FSi S-Line SE
Thanks Dave :)

It's looking a bit different now as my new wheels are on... pics to follow ;)

Compared to the S-Line suspension, the front is down approx 60mm and the rear approx 55mm. I think the front needs to come down another 10mm or so as that will look better... which is why I'm going for air ride so I don't get stuck on speedbumps! Can't go lower at the moment as it scrapes slightly driving down the ramp into my car park.

The coilovers are pretty firm, but still offer a comfortable ride. I've had three adults in the back & it's been fine, though it rubbed a bit. I don't tend to have people in the back often, so it doesn't bother me. Girl's are fine but two or three 15st guys would probably cause an issue!


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Its just made my mind up on chrome mirror caps... I like!


06 A4 2.0T FSi S-Line SE
Went for a drive today & my girlfriend took these pics on her camera showing the new staggered LM reps:



I've bonded neodymium magnets to the back of the blanking panel (which I sprayed matt black with Plasti-dip) and bonded some more on to the back of my number plate, then layered adhesive felt over the back of the plate to prevent scratching, so now I can easily whip the plates off for shows/pics/etc.


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I haven't been on here in a while and all I can say is wow, you car is a credit to you, it's fantastic.

Ash B

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I thought i commented on this thread most of not. Been too busy drooling over your car.
Looks amazing love the merc alloys and your new set. One of the best A4 i've seen. Keep up the good work :)


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That is a seriously fit car mate! Wow. Excellent work, and looking forward to seeing what other ideas you have for it.


06 A4 2.0T FSi S-Line SE
Cheers guys!

It's due a trip to Audi next month for it's service/MOT which is taking £250 off the modifications fund :(

The plan is...

1. Air ride setup consisting of the air management kit I've already bought, an Airlift 145 Psi Auto Pilot Digital Controller and Rayvern Hydraulics custom air bags/front struts & rear bags/brackets
2. OEM bi-xenon headlights, ballast & conversion harness, etc.
3. B8 style LED rear lights (not officially for sale yet but based on the LED units that are on eBay)
4. Might change the colour of the leather to a rich brown/red - not sure yet!

The air ride is going to be great once fitted - I won't have to hold up the traffic by crawling over speed bumps! I'll also be able to get the front to sit a bit lower - I would wind the coilovers down but it's impractical as it is haha

I've got the air tank, compressor, water trap, valves and some of the air line. I'm waiting until I get the digital management controller as with that you can enter preset ride heights & when you turn the ignition on, it moves to your "normal" driving position automatically. Plus it's more discrete than a couple of pressure gauges and some rocker switches, and I will only need to run one cable to the front of the car.

I need to take some time off & get the install on the go - been far too busy recently!

I've also bought some gloss black vinyl to have a go at wrapping the front grill surround & window trim, but I'm in two minds as everyone seems to do it!


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very nice car mate i was wondering were you got your autopilot system from and how much it was as i have a air ride in a b7 already with rayvern struts i can say they are a good piece of kit mate although when its fitted you will notice quite alot of roll in corners and it can be very tale happy in corners too lol best of luck with the fitting... also jus wondering what type of compressor you got??


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where did u get the votex skirts from??


06 A4 2.0T FSi S-Line SE
very nice car mate i was wondering were you got your autopilot system from and how much it was as i have a air ride in a b7 already with rayvern struts i can say they are a good piece of kit mate although when its fitted you will notice quite alot of roll in corners and it can be very tale happy in corners too lol best of luck with the fitting... also jus wondering what type of compressor you got??

I've seen your car on the Edition38 forum - looks good!

I'm seriously considering going for a bag-over-coils setup - it seems to be fairly simple to build & I'll be able to engineer them as I want, based on struts I'm happy with (Koni dampers from my coilovers).

I haven't bought the controller yet - I'll be getting one imported from the US. It's around £450 all in, I think.

where did u get the votex skirts from??

I bought them from a seller on eBay - the Audi dealerships were clearing out all the B7 bits, so I got a good deal. Paint was done locally & the shop did a great job, & then I fitted them.

I took my car to the Players 4 VAG show on Sunday & picked up 2nd in the Audi category :)
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