Some alloy wheel help/advice


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Hey everyone,

First time posting but been lurking awhile!

I'm hoping you can give me some info with regards to some wheels.

I drive an A4 2.5 Quattro B6 and have been looking to change the alloys. Currently there are 16" on her and I'm thinking an upgrade to 18" would make her look even better!

I have been hunting for some particular looking wheels

These here:


Now first off if you can tell what they are or where they are from that would be brilliant!

The closest i have found are some off an Audi TT, the seller said "They are 9j and Offsets are ET52 all around"

Now my second question is will these fit on my Audi? and if so what size spacers/tyres will i need.



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Welcome to the forum :icon_thumright:

I don't recognise the wheels, sorry. A4's typically run ET43 as standard on an 7.5 - 8J wheel. In my opinion a perfect ET to aim for is 35. If they're off a later TT they'll be the right PCD, but the early TT's were 5 x 100 I think. I would think on a 9J wheels you'd probably want 10-15mm spacers depending on the look you're after. 235 tyres might be a bit too strecthed for some on 9J wheels, so I expect you'd want 245, but I'm not sure of any consequences with rubbing on wider wheels/rubber like that.


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These do look like the 10 spoke bi colour (Black/Grey inner + polished face) version of the Mk 2 TT 18" alloys available as an upgrade on the 2.0's and standard on the 3.2.

As James said, MK2 TT only as they're a 5x112 PCD, TT wheels generally have a 245 tyre if they're the right tyres on them too. Happy hunting mate....