Some advice needed please ?


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Hi everyone.

Two weeks ago i sold my old car , not an Audi, that was 12 years old. The car had some service history and was in pretty good condition for its age. Although there was an issue with the drivers window popping off its runner from time to time and some scratches to the bodywork. I was honest and pointed out these faults which you would expect there to be some on a car of this age.

Anyway this morning i get a text from the guy that brought the car saying how the head gasket has blown and needs replacing, obviously a costly job. He is also saying that i can give him a partial refund or buy the car back for half of the amount he paid.

Now im no mechanic but when he test drove the car and took it away there were no warning lights or anything to suggest impending doom such as this. The car drove absolutely normally. If he is telling the truth about the situation then i do feel for the guy but surely a head gasket can go at any time . Is it right that i should be held responsible ?

Im not a solicitor so have no idea what the law says about things like this , can anybody give any advice or experience regarding how i stand here......... should i just play hard ball ?


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Assuming private sale, and bought as seen, then the buyer has no legal redress back to you.

He’s had the car two weeks, and now he’s raising an issue? How do you know he’s not spent the last two weeks thrashing it around a racetrack?

A polite response back indicating car was in full working order, with no known mechanical defects, and sold at an agreed price following a test drive is all that’s required. Any subsequent failure is unfortunate, but not your issue as the car was in fine working order when sold.


If this guy is likely to get nasty, turn up at your house and cause you grief, then you need to think a little more about youre response and how he’s likely to react.

Personally l would hold my ground. Send a polite letter, expressing your sympathy and nothing else.

He has no legal route to challenge you. Assuming your not connected with the motor trade. And it was a private sale.


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Hi and thanks for the reply.

Im not i the motor trade and yes it was a private sale. The guy did seem nice enough, at least at face value anyway so i dont see him turning up being aggressive or whatnot. I think after seeing your post i will stick to my guns, while i do feel bad for the chap the car was sold in good order to the best of my knowledge.

A polite decline is heading his way. Thanks again @RAF_S7

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As it was a private sale and the chap was happy to buy it as you described it then that is the end of it.
You have no obligation to refund him or anything else for that matter, a private sale is just that , a private sale no warranties come with with it and after two weeks and now he's complaining , that's just out of order, just let it pass and don't worry about it.


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Not your responsibility, who knows what the new owners has done with it in the last 2 weeks as it's been out of your sight and isn't your car anymore. It's out of your hands and control and just unfortunate for the new owner.

A polite decline is the way to go : )