Sold the hairdressers car and got this...


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Got rid of my Porsche Boxster S.... And replaced it with this...

I've spent £70 on 99ron in one afternoon and what a freakin awesome machine.... No wonder Jezzer raved about it back in the day.... One very happy camper... The S3 is gonna get stripped out and tracked now I think...


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Very Noice!


...It's Never Finished...
It's one awesome machine like.... You don't feel like you are moving really quickly until you look at the speedo... For a big ole lump of a car the way it handles is unbelievable....


Youve redeemed yourself!

s3 Hoggy

Whats going on???


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I've got a thing for 996s and a Boxster I thought might be the way to itch my scratch, is a hairdresser's car and THAT what you've replaced it with is awesome.

Vids please..


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When you press the S button flaps open in the Exhaust and the seat bolsters tighten up round your body..... It's freakin


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I will look after it for you while your working bud 👍

S3 Rav

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Very nice indeed. Lovely cars to drive too!


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Very nice mate would l9ve one as the family wagon ;)


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Thanks for all the comments lads and Drivin about with a big V8 grin on my face and a petrol pump on a trailer behind me....:thumbsup:


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awesome car if only I could afford one. I have got an older s6 4.2 v8 and I love it the sound from the rs6 exhausts is ace I do miss my s3 mind :thumbsup:


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NIce, I haven't seen many in red either so good call on the colour.


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My dad had the original milltek demo car, they left the exhaust on when they sold it back to Audi Nottingham and when he had it , all i can say was I'm still yet to hear a better noise!

Awesome car, and thank god you ditched the porka and bought that.

I would have one 2moro in Misano red or sprint blue with buckets if my insurance company weren't Aholes and won't let me have one until I'm 25!

Great car mate Enjoy it....



Defo worth the wait :)
Thats one way of proving you aint 'the gay'!!

LOL...well done mate, car looks sweet, bet you will be on 1st name terms with your local Shell petrol station soon.