Soft Close


I want your faulty electronics
50% of my soft close doors don't work but at least 50% does work.

The soft close on both driver side doors have stopped working but every now and then they make the odd noise which I think is the soft close motors trying to work.
Normally when the door is shut.

I stripped the door cards down to fit new window switches and had a look at the soft close motors.

Unplug the motors and plug them in will cause them to spin pulling the door in, then spin out to release the cable.
When connected and simulating the door half catching they do nothing.

I left the door on the half catched yesterday and walked off to the garage, half way there I heard the door shut.
Went to have a look and the soft close kicked in.
Went back and half shut the door again and it did nothing.

It kind of works when it wants to.
I'm not sure if there is a separate switch or sensor that's not sending the signal to the motors?

Does anyone know?


A8L 6.0 W12
Sounds like the sensor to me, it's also the more common and less expensive issue with soft close, the more expensive being the motor but since that seems to work fine when you unplug and plug back in I'd 90% say dodgy sensor/s.

I also know of someone who fixed a very similar sounding issue by simply giving the closing/latch mechanism of the door a good dose of WD40 two or three times over a few days and it's worked perfect since.


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Same here... All works bar driver's door that very temperamental (to say the least)... Guess it can wait for one of those moments where persistence will pay off ;).