So what's this forum about?


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Jan 6, 2003
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Is it about the style of driving? If so; the IAM course is very good at making you a save defensive driver, I had it as a b'day present and was sceptical about it. But I have to say it has helped a lot and made me position the car better when driving at a fair rate. £75.00 was all it cost, got 10 'lessons' and the test.

Or is it about where to drive? If so; the B4009 (Newbury to Aylesbury) I would have to say is my favorite then again the A4130 (Wallingford to Henley) is pretty awesome or the B4494 (Newbury to Wantage) is just as good. Hmm tough one.

Or is it for someone elses driving? Like that **** in a Volvo who decided to pull up infront of me this morning for no apparent reason, no lights, no indication, no nothing. ****. Is it just me or when ever there is a hold up or some driver doing something annoying in the road, it's a Volvo! Got nothing against them just dislike Volvo's. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif

Or is it for something else? Dunno just thought I'd open the floor up with a few starters for ten.

Damn I hate mondays.
Will this section cover off-road driving?

If so I think Jo could teach people a thing or two.

"Fundamentals of tractor overtaking using grass verges. By Jo Self."


along with...

"Car interior soiling. By John Robins"


eh! I've done a bit of that off-road driving (or flying in my case). Forced off road by jerk overtaking 6 wheeler and coming straight at me. No where to go so hit a 4 foot high hedgerow at about 60mph and took orrrfff!!!. Landed nose down in a ploughed field about 6 feet below on the other side.

Frightening but remember dis-engaging the clutch and taking it out of gear in mid-air, landing nose down and hanging in the seat-belt until the car finally fell back onto its rear wheels ... turned off engine and got out with only a scuff on one elbow.

Lucky or what?