So since my accident i have done a few things... and what a journey its been!


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Hey guys,

so since i was involved in an accident with a lorry back May i haven't really been modding... to be honest i have been busy with work and kinda lost the want to mod it since it just looked a mess.
here is the thread with all the details of the accident:

and a pic of how bad she looked:



so i have since been looking to get the car repaired and i managed to get all the money direct from the third parties insurance company by the End of July... so after a lot of thought on what i wanted to do i got an offer for a repair that i honestly could not refuse but it meant that i had to wait a few weeks to a month to get the parts.... well that few weeks turned into 3 months and i finally gave up waiting around and getting messed about.

In that time i also had another mis-hap and done this to the front grill:



so the first thing was the parts list... well i have wanted to get a nice set of wheels on for a while now but at the same time i wanted to drop the car a bit...
but then lady luck decided to frown on me and my intercooler pipes shaped off leaving me pretty much stranded:


Good side:

Broken side:

I got myself home that night (an hours journey took me 4 hours) and then I fixed that the next day, picked up the replacement pipe from a VW dealership and carried on going.

So after a lot of contemplating i decided which alloys i wanted and some other bits too, i ordered myself these:

RS6-2 Alloys in 19s

And some A3 3.2 brakes front and rear complete (same as S3 345mm discs):

Also got myself a set of Eibach sport line springs from GNJ Motorsports here on the forum (thanks for that mate)

I painted up the new brakes:


and then i picked up some new front and rear wishbones as i had some cracks in the bushes and get that all sorted out:





Lovely Stance:


Next up was to get the car repaired…

so i thought hard about it and since i was given essentially free money to fix up the car i thought why not… just go and get it done now.
so i started the search and started collecting the parts up…




Thats right i am going to facelift it!

As you can see i got myself a full S3 front end… since the damage from the accident went round to the back of the car i also got myself the S3 rear bumper too but i didn't want it to just look like any other S3… i also had this picture as my inspiration:


so i got myself one of these:



Now all is well getting the parts together and making sure i have all the bits but then was the dilemma of actually getting it all on the car… not to mention the fact that the car had enough damages on it to now need a full respray...
So i started getting quotes around London for the repair work and the respray but the quotes were way over the top… some actually saying that it will cost me £1500 on labour!

So i decided i would get in contact with some really nice friends in Birmingham who have a nice bodyshop and quoted me an unbelievable price! lets just say it was more than half the prices i was getting in London.
Now the main problem was how am i going to get the car with all the bits to Birmingham… i mean the bonnet alone takes up all the space in the boot so i had no choice… I am going to have to facelift it myself!

now remember the only reason i decided to do this is so that i can get all the bits up to Birmingham… the guys there can then adjust it and do what they need to do…
So i got everything i needed and made sure i had all the tools… planned a day to start and then on a Saturday i got ready and just did it all on the driveway!

Here is the front bumper and xenons off:


Crash bar, wings and rad surround off:


Bonnet off:



All the bits removed:


After this i got too busy and didn't stop to take pics as i was also running out of daylight… but with some help from Dre who came as i was rebuilding the car we managed to get the parts back on in the dark and rain! Really bad pics here!



I chose not to fit the new grill on as i didn't want to spoil it on the way up to Birmingham so left the S3 grill on the car.
But in the morning i got some more pics:



I found out that i needed a couple more parts which have not been mentioned on any forum so i got the part numbers together and got those ready for order.
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On Monday i got the car into the garage and then started helping out Waqar on the last couple bits of his RS3 conversion. we then went off to order those missing bits and had some food meanwhile the garage started aligning all the bits. you know i was mega excited when i came back to the garage to see this:



So I left it there with the garage knowing that the car will be awesome when i go back to collect it at the end of the week…

they were nice enough to take some progress pics of the car:









A massive thanks to Waqar for doing some serious running around for me while the car was in the garage as TPS messed up some of the parts on order!

Then the big day came for me to go and collect the car and OMG was i happy! my baby was totally transformed!

some teaser shots:



I had a shortened metal pressed plate fitted onto a custom mount so that no plate holder can be seen. I have also had the front and rear valance and the mirrors colour coded to the grill and alloys, which have come out looking amazing!

On the way back to London i stopped at a petrol station and the lighting there was perfect enough to get these shots:




Its been raining since i have had the car back so haven't been able to get proper shots of it… but here are some with Dre's car





There are some more updates coming up for the car.. but so far its been mega stressful!
Without the great friends i have that have helped me, advised me and done a load of running around for me and my amazing Girlfriend that has come on road trips with me all over the country to get all the bits this would not have been possible!

and end result… OMFG!!! the car is just too sexy :wub:

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Nice work Ash, looks stunning! All the hard work and patience has definitely paid off! Cannot wait to see the car in person!


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That's what its all about Ash!! Looks top drawer mate!


Gievf Buckets
looking good lad had my suspicions was gonna pm you see how you were getting on :)


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I must admit, it looks amazing in person! Thanks again Ash.


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I'm glade it's all finished now ash as it's been a long time coming as you and me know...

but you know and I know the modding will continue as we are all fiends to the modding scene as it's loads of fun and we get a some sort of buzz when something new is on are cars. "including me" lol

So I can still imagine there are some more mods up your sleeve somewhere. "Say no more" lol

Your car looks lovely thou now:wub: ....But we need to do a couple of SLR pics thou. :eyebrows: a couple from the side and rear.
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Wowwwwww that look sexy mate,finally your dream has come true and I have to say it looks amazing....nice job.

Cozza McA

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An amazing transformation!!
Love your determination.


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Looking awesome mate, glad you managed to persevere and come out with a cracking looking car!!

S3 Rav

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Car looks great.


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Looks abosuletly quality mate. Can't wait to see it when you stop round.
Think we can safely say that you are driving to the next show :sly:

Must say, that this is probably one of, if not thee best facelift I have seen here on ASN!! Well done mate, so happy for you.
That really is quality Ash, I'm impressed at your handywork dude!

Does this now mean that you can offer mobile bodywork mods along with the usual Cruise Control / Bluetooth retrofits?

On a serious note, I'm loving the new look, well worth all the stress you've been through!


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Looks awesome nice to see some good come out of the bad! Impressed to say the least! 😍


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Thanks guys! Means a lot getting all these nice comments after all the hard work I have put into it. The proudest moment was the fact I completed the facelift in one day and in the rain too! The plate holder is a flat metal plate that screws into the RS grill, small enough for the shorten pressed plate to cover it.
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Ash, that looks the f****** nuts!!

Very well done on the conversion! That front end looks so god damn good!!!

I agree with Danny, probs one of the best conversions and outcomes on ASN. Very unique!


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Very nice car, glad i could help in the dark whilst raining and using my as a source of lighting!

Cars and girls have similar features? :p

Awesome, press plates look amazing in person and seeing it from my rear view mirror just looks awesome! :wub:


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When I saw pictures of the accident with the lorry I was like :O WTF man! I would have killed someone probably and then passed out lol seeing what you have done with your car now and how it looks, brought a smile to my face, it really does look the dogs n**s!! Well done lad.


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can i ask where you sourced the shortened pressed plate? not thought about a personal plate but that does make me think.. :think:
did you then velcro the pressed plate to the metal plate. I did some similar using a plastic plate, as i didn't want any fixing showing



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Very nice car, glad i could help in the dark whilst raining and using my as a source of lighting!

Cars and girls have similar features? :p

Awesome, press plates look amazing in person and seeing it from my rear view mirror just looks awesome! :wub:

As I said bro, wouldn't have completed it without you and Waqar! You guys are the best!
Honestly can't give enough credit to Waqar... Top guy! He should be along shortly... And to all you guys not feeling his RS3 rep it's an absolute beauty in person! A proper head turner!


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Great effort Ash, you've achieved the best possible outcome from the bad situation!


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Yh Daytona grey was on the cards but then they would have needed to spray the inside and out and that would be too much work and taken too long plus the costs involved and then sorting it all out with the Dvla not worth the hassle. Beside l love the colour of my car when it's clean... It just shines so nicely


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is the number plate legal?

Nice one buddy.
It looks really good.

Crashes are not the end of the world. :)

What's next?
The big glass roof conversion?

I dont have the balls that big... il leave that kind of thing to Amar
but i do have a few more things up my sleeve