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So many different compressors model numbers for same a3 grrrrr

Kristianj1977 Jul 20, 2018

  1. Kristianj1977

    Kristianj1977 New Member

    Hi there everyone, this is my first post so please bare with me if I get anything wrong.
    So aftwr some lengthy diagnosis I'm not gonna bore you all with, my compressor is on its way out on my air con system. I have the a3 8p2 sportsback. So 57 plate. 2 litre tdi.
    There is a gentleman selling one on the Facebook group but the part number is slightly different. Mines 1K0820808fx and his is 1k0820803s, but he is breaking the same year car, same engine size. However he has 3 door. Will this one still fit my car, and does anybody have any advice please. Pretty pretty please lol

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