So I'm leaving the fold..


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Sad to say I have sold my S3, to a fellow member :). Best car I have owned so far.

Thanks to everyone on ASN who have answered my stupid noob questions, I hope I have given back even the tiniest amount of what I got from this site.

One of the best forums on the net!



Defo worth the wait :)
Oh man, not another one!!!

What you doing and where are you going, hopefully not the darkside ;)


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noooooo already how come dan tell me your not going down the BMW route :(



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Lol, I have just got a job up Manchester so will be moving up from Birmingham next week. Sold the car as I wanted something newer and I wouldnt be able to look after it well up there. I have been looking at an Astra VXR....? However I might just get a little run around as I dont really want to be parking anything nice in the Manchester back streets..



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Hi Dan, good luck with the job, hope all goes well in your move next week. Please keep in touch with us all, im sure you will be missed by many of us. :) x