Snow At Last.


Defo worth the wait :)
We finally had some snow in Brum yesterday and wow did we get our fair share, I have been saying for the past couple of weeks that this is the calm before the storm!!!

It started about 8am, and literally snowed all day till about 8pm, in total id say about 6-8inches of snow, but i reckon that was there after a couple of hours.

We took the little one to Santas Grotto in Brum City Centre at 9am and we left about 11.15am after a quick browse and it took nearly an hour to get home (normally 20mins tops), but I have to say the S3, was amazing in this weather and just like everyone else saw numerous BMWs sat there in the middle of roads, slight hills, just stuck there with there wheels spinning.

No probs at all, well done Audi :)


Defo worth the wait :)





Pointing Forward's!!!!!!!!!
The rule of thumb is take out the LP gas first before moving it . The tanker is a write off as the chassis was twisted, the driver was ok.