Snapped valve spring


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Hi everyone,

My car broke down last sunday and it has been in the garage since then. Eventually it's been looked at and it turns out that the valve spring has snapped.
Thankfully the cylinder hasn't been damaged, but it is still costing a significant amount of money to fix.

Question is what is the expected life time of a valve spring? Does this sound like it has gone before you would normally expect. My concern is that there are more valve springs in the engine that have been through the same usage and I don't fancy all of them going over the next couple of months.

My car is a 2007 1.6 petrol A3 and it has done 51000 miles, most of that has been commuter driving so the engine has certainly not been hammered, plus I use the train now so the last year or so it has only ever been used for weekend usage.

Thanks in advance


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Ask the dealer, if using them, for some good will on a car that age & mileage.


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Ivwould agree i cant see any reason why not to expect 200000 miles