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May 19, 2011
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Audi A3 2.0TDi

I've just had my car remapped at Awesome GTI today and now when I use full throttle the car smokes alot more. Is this normal as there is more power as it didn't seem to smoke before the remap and now it chucks out a fair amount of smoke.

Here is a video of it I did quickly. Admitidly this is with my foot to the floor and I dont drive like that but it still seems quite an excesive amount of smoke.

Any help is appreciated.
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It will take the car a while to adjust to the new map so some smoke could be expected. Should start to clear the more you use it otherwise take it back...
sounds like the fuel mix might be too much bud! diesels or soot chuckers as there better known can do this when you floor it even when there standard but bare in mind that fueling, boost pressure etc has all been increased and i know what its like when youve jus had a car mapped as you'l be giving it gutty everywhere so this is why you may notice it. give it a few days and if it doesnt settle down I'd pop the motor back for them to check!
Thanks for all the advise guys. I'm gonna give it afew days and see if it stops smoking as much, if not then gonna pop it back to them.
Mine did the same after I got a re map, when I first had one done the guys said the cat and turbo and all pick up a bit of soot and the new power is just clearing that away iirc, but it should disappear as others say!
I have added a video of how much it smokes on the first post so please let me know if it is an excesive amount of smoke. In the video it is full throttle and obviousily I dont drive around like that but it still seems to be alot of smoke.
does seem bit much don t it lol get on the phone awesome bud
That's a bit too much smoke, looks like unburnt diesel getting out through the exhaust - overfuelling?
Feck me, thats way to smokey tbh, get her back to be checked out, if they cant resolve, then remove the map, thats terrible & does appear to be overfuelling, but tell me, are there loads of black spots over the tailpipe, rear bumper & maybe rear boot lid/glass?
Yeah it bought up 2 fault codes which were to do with the glow plugs on cylinders 1 and 2. Would that make it smoke this much? Im gonna ring them when im on my break.
Try a run with the windows open, you may have a boost leak that has been made more obvious by the map, that would make it smoke a lot.

there is a squeeking noise before it comes on boost but i had my boost leak fixed the other week. could this be another boost leak?
Glowplugs are only to heat the cylinders pre-start on cold days, has nothing to do with running.
Yep, Looks like it could either be a boost leak on that one as Jim (our Managing director) is very meticulous when it comes to smoke levels on his maps!

Give us a shout and get the car back to us whilst Jim's in and we'll have a look over it to see what we can sort!

Many thanks, AL.
Awesome Ltd.

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