Smiles during my A7 Test Drive


Burning rubber
I took out the A7 S Line 3.0TDI for a test drive. It has the same bi turbo
engine and transmission as the SQ5 I have on order.

Performance from that engine is awesome. As expected, the acceleration
is instant with a deep growl which stirs the soul.

What did surprise me is how comfortable and refined it is when
cruising. The engine has a nice muted tone and purrs nicely. One just has to
touch the throttle gently for instant response making overtaking effortless. The
8 speed gearbox is a revalation, with silky smooth changes. It is so much better
than the S Tronic. No hint of that notchy change or hestitation when pulling
away from rest which plagues the DCT in the Q5.

Handling is very good for such a large heavy car. Speed is so
effortless that it is easy to get carried away. I found I was often going far
quicker than I would normally and found myself using brakes where normally I
just ease off when approaching a corner. The brakes were not as good as I would

I had a lot of fun and managed, what I
considered to be fair fuel consumption, 33mpg during my day with the beast.

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Nice Small review you have made there :)
I like to hear abit about these Bi-Turbos because you don't seem to hear much about them really.