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Sluggish Audi A1 2020: Low-end torque

5forwards Jun 14, 2020

  1. 5forwards

    5forwards Registered User

    Hello everyone,

    I recently bought an Audi A1 30TFSI. Overall, it is a good car; however, I am very dissapointed by the amount of torque available below 1800 RPM. Is there anything I can do to improve low-end torque? The car feels very sluggish particularly when I have to brake and downshift to the second gear if I am in low RPM. I thought about remapping the car but from what I understand remapping won't do anything at low RPM levels.

    I am seriously thinking of selling the car just because of this as my previous car provided ample of low-end torque.

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  3. AllanG

    AllanG Q5 TFSI

    Just a question......didn’t you test drive a 30TFSI model before buying your car? If so, did you notice the lack of low-end torque during the test drive? It could be that the torque will improve when the car has done a few more miles?

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