Slightly lumpy tickover


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Mar 18, 2008
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Quick question to pic your brains on this lovely Monday morning! :jump:

My S3 has a slightly lumpy tickover. If I sit there with the engine idleing the needle will bounce up and down VERY slightly. I'm only talking a variation of probably 100 RPM. I cleaned the TB (including running an adaptation in VAG-COM) and fitted some new plugs at the weekend in the hope that this would sort it but no luck.

Anyone have any idea what could be causing it? It did this before the remap in case anyone was thinking it might be that!

Mine does exactly the same mate, new plugs etc etc and still no change.....
Mine does exactly the same mate, new plugs etc etc and still no change.....

Ah glad it's not just me then! Maybe it's just "one of those things" with the 1.8T? I guess we'll soon see if anyone else suffers with the same.

well my old 1.8T usaed to do it, never addressed the prob so i guess it is recurrent
The Maf....or a new air filter needed maybe....defo something like that. For example, changing the air filter worked wonders on my idle!
Cleaning the Maf sensor may do the trick?
Cleaning the Maf sensor may do the trick?

Ah that's not a bad idea at all. I forgot all about the MAF. The air filter was replaced last week so it's not that.

What's the best thing to clean the MAF with? I seem to remember electronics cleaner will do the job..hope so cos I work in an electronics manufacturer so we have loads of the stuff!
Excellent thanks matey. I always forget that everything has been done to death on here before. Must remember to search in future! :keule:
Popped out at lunchtime to clean the MAF and it's held in with a stange security Torx screw which I don't have a bit for.

I decided to uplug the MAF to see if that made any difference and it still idles as before. Would unplugging the MAF have helped in this situation if the MAF had been at fault?
That seems logical, although not 100%. I would check for any air getting in somewhere> Good luck
had this prob a while ago, serviced it, plugs, a/filter, oil etc..blasted wynns carb cleaner through the intake system, took the TB off and blasted that too, all in the intake manifold, seemed to clear it out.. It wasnt near as bad as how it was before the service, occasionally it will bounce from 800rpm -850rpm but very rarely..Also run some injector cleaner through the tank, but only put half a tank in so it was more concentrate.. eitherway, cars idling and running alot smoother. defo recommend it.
Also, break and clutch cleaner evaporates so its great for all the electrical sensors.